SWAG Speed Dating

SWAG (Sophisticated Women and Gentlemen) was created so we might take speed dating to a new and creative level which we believe we have successfully done. In place of the late nightclub scene that is noisy and crowded, SWAG offers a wonderful alternative. We hold our “events” at various venues in both Nassau and Suffolk counties that offer a safe, comfortable and friendly environment.  Everyone is here for the same reason; to meet and connect. Join together with like-minded people from groups of professionals, working class, military, retirees and from various ethnicities. Whether you’re single, divorced or alone and 35+, SWAG has someone for you!

Our events are for speed dating. The purpose of our speed dating is for you to meet that someone to date who is compatible with your chemistry. Join together and engage in a 5-7 minute conversation known as, speed dating. This brief chat could possibly spark an interest, allowing you to meet someone who is compatible with the right chemistry. We also believe that meeting face-to-face gives you a better chance at feeling that chemistry, as well as allowing you to see each other in a live environment. It’s easier to meet face to face because you actually get to see whom you are speaking with. The end result, we hope, is someone whom you will want to date, and they, will want to date you.

Our participants are pre-registered and we generally cannot take walk-ins. Walk-ins, may register for a substitute list, and if there is a no-show, may pay and participate.

SWAG invites you to contact us with questions, browse around our website and register to join us at our next event. There are many Single, Women And Gentlemen out there waiting to meet that someone special.